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Love and affection 💋 The purple lipstick got me gassed


Amber Rose twerking.

Nothing to say but HEY

Dear future girlfriend,


please know i am broken,and flawed. please understand i have demons who won’t leave me alone resulting in bad evil things. i am at a war with myself, living is hard,so is breathing. there are many things wrong that i cannot explain to you but i hope you can understand. please love me and all my…

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Dear future girlfriend,


i don’t know who you are, or when you’ll come…..but you’ll be my princess. You’ll be my one and only. I promise that we’ll be together no matter what. let me help you through this storm. Don’t let go. I love you more then anything. You are my dream come true. You are so beautiful, and i am so…

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All of these are photos of the same person. Don’t “ACK” like y’all don’t know who she is!!! She is Tyra B. And if you don’t remember , then here is a refresher. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9-QyT-a9po


AzMarie Livingston

Lea Ayers

Is it bad that…
I never made… I never did… but I sure now how to…

Reach for the sky! Nothing’s impossible when you realize the strength is inside Embrace the struggle when it’s all you can see Words only come to life when you believe. #Memphis May Fire #Legacy

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